Are you getting your "moneys worth" from your taxes?

I received the call today from my accountant I had been dreading, how much was I going to be paying in federal taxes this year, no surprise it was an outrageous amount of money. To be clear I own my own business and pay my quarterly taxes all through the year as well as my bi-weekly alms including FICA, social security, medicare for myself and my employees. I have a chapter "S" corporation so any profits flow directly to my personal tax return. The "profit" is used for operating costs the following year to purchase equipment, expand the business, and cover the employee salaries during slow periods. After I hung up with my accountant and had a quick walk around the office to calm myself I began to ponder, what am I really getting in return from the government for the money I am putting in? I tried to make excuses like well I use the roads so I can see use of my money there, then I remembered that is paid for by the tax gasoline not income tax. Well my son does go to public schools then I remembered that no the school system is paid for by my county property tax. What am I really getting as a return for my "investment" ?

No before I start getting hate mail I support our military and understand that tax dollars are used for them to protect our country, but other than the military what am I really getting in return? I pay biweekly into Medicare for myself and my employees, but I offer private health insurance. I pay bi-weekly into the ponzi scheme of social security for myself and my employees, however it is very doubtful I will ever a dime of that money. I provide my employees with a private 401k with company match that the government is now looking at nationalizing. What am I really getting on a return on my "investment"?

Well it looks like I got a Treasury Secretary that is above paying his own taxes, part ownership in a bunch of banks that print money out of thin air, partial ownership in auto companies that have no business plan, mortgage companies that provide people loans that do not qualify because "it is the right thing to do", and insurance companies that insure the house that people could not afford to begin with. As Margaret Thatcher said, "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money [to spend]."

So I ask you what return are you really getting on the taxes you pay?




Spreading the wealth around

Spreading the wealth around, we hear that phrase a lot these days; we have also heard more talk about the need for more socialism.  However, ask yourself, is this right, is this moral.

When you are born into this world, you are born with certain rights.  These rights involve your right to exist as a person.  In order to exist, you must be allowed to keep you life; we have made this legitimate through both laws which punish murder and laws which defend legitimate self defense.

There was also a war fought for liberty for all persons, and with that war, slavery was abolished.  Adding further credence to this right we have enacted laws preserving liberty; it illegal to kidnap someone.

There is no rational argument in support of slavery, murder or kidnapping, but why are we now once again debating slavery?

Socialism sounds great to some; “from each according to their ability to each according to their needs”.  That phrase made popular by Karl Marx sums up what socialism is.  Socialism requires that a minority, through compulsive force work for the sole purpose of supporting the needs of a majority.  In other words, the rewards of work and labor created by a minority go to support the majority.

This is the path that we are headed down.  We are nearing the point where a majority of citizens pay no taxes, but receive most of the government benefits.  We have created a society that is nearing the point of utter dependency on those who carry most of the load.  We now, once again have a slave culture in the U.S. 

Does that worry you?  It should, because right now the slaves are looking to quit while they still can.